Karkidakam–Monsoon Wellness-Detoxification-Rejuvenation Dr. Valsaladevi K BAMS FAGE YIC MBA Consultant Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital

June 18, 2020 by sarathyadmin

Season in India especially Kerala has entered into the rainy phase and it is time for rejuvenation. Rejuvenation, immuno-modulation and staying healthy is very important especially in this age of pandemics like CoVid 19. The first one and a half months of monsoon are infamous for disease outbreaks by polluted stagnant and flowing waters, germ-vector proliferation and low levels of individual and herd immunity in the populations.
Ayurveda always has always emphasised on the pandemics and outbreaks. When values, land, season and water get polluted outbreaks of diseases to happen. Strict observance of Dinacharya the daily routine and Ritucharya the seasonal regimen is the key to good health and robust immunity. The second one and a half month phase of monsoon happen to be Karkitakam, renowned for the Kerala Ayurveda Special Karkitaka Chikitsa or Varsha Charya or Monsoon Regimen which focuses on detoxifying the mind and body of the wear and tear of the previous months and rejuvenating the mind and body to stay healthy throughout the months ahead.
AYURSHIELD Immunity Clinic at Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is managed by the panel of experienced specialist doctors. Treatments are offered as per a tested protocol yet customized individually based on constitution and health condition. Risk of exposure to potential CoVid 19 environment as in case of health care workers, police personnel, customer end service providers, bankers, drivers, sanitization workers, etc. are considered while planning the treatments.
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