Kaya in Ayurveda means body both physical and mental. Ayurveda aims at Swasthavrutha to stay healthy and Athuravrutha to treat the diseases of the mind and body. Staying healthy through proper daily routine, healthy food, sustainable disciplined active lifestyle and adapting according to seasons all the while maintaining mental health and a decent social behaviour is what constitutes Swasthavrutha.

The diseases of the body and mind are managed holistically with customised care plans based on the various factors elicited in Ayurveda and applying modern technology wherever necessary through various therapies and medicines is what constitutes Kayachiktsa. Management includes Shamana a moderate way of attaining health through mild therapies food regulations and medicines. Shodhana is intensive detoxification and purification. Panchakarma is the fivefold tool for staying healthy and to treat diseases. The process passes through three stages as the preparatory Poorvakarma the main purificatory course of Pradhanakarma and the post therapy recuperation period of Paschat Karma.
Poorvakarma involves internal oleation with Snehapana (oral fat ingestion) and external therapies like Abhyangam, Kizhi Treatments, and Pizhichil etc. The process also involves sudation through Swedana, Avagaha Dhara etc.
Pradhanakarma is Vamana or controlled medicated emesis, Virechana or controlled medicated purgation, Nasya or controlled naso-sinal purification, Anuvasananasthy or controlled lubrication enema alternated by Niruhavasthy or controlled medicated enema.

Raktamokshana or bloodletting through various means like leeching, venesection, etc. is also considered to be a purificatory procedure.
Paschatkarma includes nourishing treatments like Navarakizhi Sirodhara Talapothichil Face packs, Tarpanam etc coupled with special diet regimen. The purpose of Kayachikitsa and Panchakarma is correction and sustenance of ideal metabolism, both primary and secondary thereby bestowing a good quality of life. The team of doctors and the supporting structure of Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is skilled and knowledgeable in the field with an assurance of being in safe hands to all those who come to Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital.

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Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital was established in 2004 by Dr. P.K Lathika, an accomplished Ayurvedic physician with a rich and varied experience spanning over 29 years and authorised medical officer for ISRO .


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