Kayachikitsa and Panchakarma

Kaya in Ayurveda means body both physical and mental. Ayurveda aims at Swasthavrutha to stay healthy.


Gynecology infertility Pre and Post-natal Care

Termed as Streeroga and Prasoothitantra in Ayurveda this department headed by Dr. Gayatri and assisted by Dr. Vineetha .

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Child health and developmental disorders

Healthy child grows into a healthy person. Catch them young and introduce Ayurveda principles is the motto of the department.


Conservative Orthopedics and Pain Management

Pain Management treatments like Agnikarma, Bandages, Raktamokshana, Marma Therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Meditation



Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is NABH accredited and renowned for Ayurveda and Panchakarma Healthcare since its inception in 2004 is led by Dr. P K Lathika, an accomplished Ayurvedic physician with a rich and varied clinical experience spanning over 30 years. Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is empanelled with Central Government Health Scheme-CGHS, certified for quality with ISO 9001:2015 and for facilities as Green Leaf Centre by the Department of Tourism Government of Kerala apart from the prestigious National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Institutions-NABH accreditation.Dr. P K Lathika the winner of AMAI Aryaoushadhi Bhishak Praveen Award for clinical excellence is also the Authorised Medical Officer for Indian Space Research Organization-ISRO. Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital proudly displays an accomplished panel of doctors specialized in various disciplines. Dr. Valsaladevi K, Dr. Karthik K Nandan, Dr. Gayatri S Dr. Manju KS and Dr.Vineetha VS are part of the team apart from the medical director Dr. P K Lathika.Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is centrally located at less than half an hour drive from the nearest travel heads in the serene locales nestled in the herbal medicinal greenery.

Special treatment for

Female health problems

Speciality treatments for feminine health problems of all ages, PCOS, male-female infertility and pregnancy care. Customised post-natal wellness and beauty care

Special treatment for

Spinal Disorders

Specialty conservative treatments for spine problems like low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, slip disc, spondylitis spondylosis

Special treatment for

Pre and Post-natal Care

Regular Ante-natal care with special diet, treatments and yoga. Customized post- natal care, special diet, beauty care and parental counselling

Special treatment for

Pain Management

Conservative pain management treatments like Agnikarma, Raktamokshana, Bandages, Marma Therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Meditation

Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital is CGHS affiliated GREEN LEAF and ISO-9001-2015 certified institution.


Kayachikitsa and panchakarma

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Gynecology infertility pre and post natal department

Clinical and wellness yoga department

Holistic wellness and stress management

Child health and developmental disorders


June 16, 2020

Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital has restarted In Patient Admissions and treatments since 5th May 2020. The hospital is totally disinfected and all infection control protocols are strictly adhered to ensure patient and staff safety.

June 16, 2020

Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital and Sarathy Ayurvedic Clinic have started AYURSHIELD Ayurveda Immunity Clinic. To book OP Consultation Booking and for immuno-modulatory medicines please contact Dr. Valsaladevi K on +91-9895142321


Leandro Galaverna


Hello, my name is Leandro Galaverna, I live in Brazil. In September 2018, I was diagnosed with cancer of the intestine and liver. After a few surgeries, what modern medicine could offer me would be chemotherapy treatment indefinitely.

Prof. (Dr.) Lalitha Mathew

Guest Faculty & Member, Board of Studies, Cochin University of Science & Technology

Far away from the madding crowd,
Yet pleasurably close to the perennial Periyar,
Lies my haven, my resting & healing place.
To sleep, to dream & to ponder
To feel nostalgic later
Sarathy -my sanctuary.

T N Seema

Former Member of Parliament Government of India.
Executive Vice Chairperson Haritha Keralam Mission Government of Kerala.

Sarathy is just not a treatment centre instead it is my school that inspired and taught me to practice Ayurveda as a lifestyle. For me, Sarathy is the healing place to go when intense pains affect me. This place always bids a happy contented pain…

Sethumadhavan (Sethu)

Novel, Short Story and Essay Writer (Malayalam).
Published 35 books Kendra Sahitya Academy Award, Winner.

I am happy to talk about Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital. This is a competent Ayurveda Hospital managed by a professional team most of whom I know for years. The team headed by the couple Dr. Lathika and Mr. Suku works united…


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About Us

Sarathy Ayurvedic Hospital was established in 2004 by Dr. P.K Lathika, an accomplished Ayurvedic physician with a rich and varied experience spanning over 29 years and authorised medical officer for ISRO .


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